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The Loss of the Schooner Kestrel & Other Poems (2012), Selected Bequia Poems (2009), and Adventures in the Trade Wind (2009) are on-demand books, published by Offshore Press and available through the printer, Xlibris. It can take a couple of weeks to get a book. While these may be available at other outlets, buying them directly from Xlibris saves you money and time.

To order, go to 

    or call  888-795-4274 ext. 7879

These books are each available in hard cover for $29.99 US, soft for $19.99 US, and ebook for $9.99 US.

Slight downward pricing occasionally happens.

The Loss of the Schooner Kestrel & Other Poems 

    Hardcover  ISBN 978-1-4691-6029-0

    Softcover  ISBN 978-1-4691-6028-3

    Ebook   ISBN 978-1-4691-6030-6  

Selected Bequia Poems

    Hard cover ISBN 978-1-4363-3062-6

    Soft cover ISBN  978-1-4363-3061-9

    Ebook ISBN  978-1-46282-162-4

Adventures in the Trade Wind

    Hard cover ISBN 978-1-4363-9437-6

    Soft cover ISBN  978-1-4363-9436-9

    Ebook ISBN  978-1-46282-163-1

Note. While In the Way of Adventure: John Caldwell and Palm Island is out of print, a few copies signed by Caldwell and the author are available. Inquire at        


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